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The potential applications of geographic information software (GIS) and related technologies are almost endless. GIS is being used in applications ranging from transportation planning, urban growth management, market analysis, retail site selection, business logistics, health care planning, epidemeology, facilities management, archaeology, landscape architecture, environmental analysis, natural resource management, hazards mitigation, hazards response and even oceanography! Plus, GIS is a growth industry and software firms are always looking for people with the right background.

Because of the many applications of GIS, individuals with a solid education in geographic information science (GISci) are in great demand at all levels of industry, government and the private sector. A "solid education" in GISci requires both a foundation in geographic theory and problems as well as computer science skills. The University of Utah Certificate Program in Geographic Information Science offers the education and skills necessary for a first-rate career in GIS!

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Photo Gallery

These are photos of sites within a day's drive of the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They were shared by the faculty, students and staff in our Geography Department.


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Driving directions from OSH to Paradigm II

  1. From the Union parking lot, head north on Central Campus Dr.
  2. Take a right on Exploration Way.
  3. At the stop sign, take a right on Wasatch Drive.
  4. At the light, take a right onto Mario Capecchi Way, following that south until you reach Foothill Blvd.
  5. Take a left at Foothill Blvd.
  6. Stay in the left hand lane and take your first left onto Wakara Way.
  7. Get in the right hand lane and turn right onto Arapeen Drive.
  8. Paradigm II is on the corner of Arapeen Drive and Chipeta Way, across the street from ARUP.

What Is Geography?

Geography is the study of natural Earth systems, human societies and the interaction between them. Geography bridges the physical and social sciences.  Geographers work with powerful technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), digital Earth imagery (remote sensing) and spatial modeling. And geographers are not afraid to get their boots muddy! Geography has a long-standing field tradition, often involving travel to spectacular locations - some of them in our own backyard.

Geographers use a collaborative and integrated approach to help understand complex 21st century challenges such as climate change, globalization, sustainability, urbanization, and living with hazards. Rewarding careers exist in the private and public sectors, and education.

Geography is a STEM subject in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Cartography, Geospatial Intelligence, and basic earth science.

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